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Will Titanfall 3 ever happen? Respawn says yes, maybe

Titanfall and Titanfall 2 are my favorite multiplayer and single-player experiences in all my years of gaming. Titanfall revolutionized the gaming industry, so much so that  future Call of Duty games including Advanced Warfare borrowed the traversal Titanfall made famous.

Vince Zampella is a legendary game developer who propelled the Call of Duty Franchise to new heights after designing the multiplayer for both the series’ most famous games, COD4 and COD: MW2. Zampella took Call of Duty from a niche game with a name to a household giant in the midst of a few years. Infinity Ward created an experience like nothing else and there was finally market competition to the likes of EA’s Battlefield.

However, the fairy tale was short lived as Activision fired Zampella and a massive legal battle ensued.  Zampella created Respawn Entertainment and promised to create an experience like non other, and he did. Titanfall released as an Xbox One and PC exclusive with a caveat: it was multiplayer only. Titanfall was received with critical acclaim and fan praise in 2014 right in the middle of the COD juggernaut’s rise to fame. Vince, who was still engaged in a legal battle, never publicly called it a COD killer, but the fans viewed this game as such. With all this being said, fans wanted  a true single player campaign, and we were given that.

Titanfall 2 released a few years later with a true single player campaign with an updated multiplayer too. Titanfall gave the fans exactly what they wanted, a unique single player experience with a multiplayer that built on what was previously given to us. Zampella created a masterpiece with an engaging single player that didn’t feel too long or too short, too high strung or too laid back, and a campaign that provided a variety of weapons and Titans that translated into the multiplayer experience. Respawn created what many thought to be the perfect First Person Shooter experience and it’s on the Mount Rushmore of FPS games for me as well.

This all brings us to Titanfall 3 and EA’s ridiculous need to destroy everything good in life. Respawn as a company has given us everything we have wanted; a great FPS IP and two great Jedi games recently. This makes me wonder if Titanfall 3 will ever happen? Without question one of the best experiences is Titanfall 2 and one of the best open world experiences has been the Jedi games, what if Titanfall 3 could combine the two? Halo Infinite showed something like an open world shooter could be successful, but what if it could be perfected?

With all this being said, Titanfall 3 needs to happen. Respawn could in theory create something like that and give us a fantastic game, but the main issue would be convincing EA to push it out with all the talk of Battlefield possibly getting another sequel and the looming DLC (presumably) for Jedi: Survivor, where would be the time?

Is Titanfall 3 in development?

For the time being gamers like me can only wish we can get something as unique and special as Titanfall 3 and we can only wish we will get it sooner rather than later. Despite admitting that Titanfall is the core of the Respawn DNA, the team doesn’t appear to be making Titanfall 3 a priority. Heartbreak ensued when about a month ago CEO Vince Zampella confirmed there is no Titanfall 3 in development, and there never was despite rumors of a  canceled Titanfall 3 game, which turned out to be a canceled Apex Legends single player.

The  Respawn CEO stated: “I hate to say yes, then people latch onto that, and then skewer you when it doesn’t come. But I would love to see it happen is the real answer. There are no exact dedicated plans for that.”

This is vague enough to not disregard any future plans with it, but also not confirm there is anything in development either. Zampella stated in the same interview: “It has to be the right thing. It’s such a beloved franchise for the fans and also for us. If it is not the right moment in time, the right idea, then it just doesn’t make sense.”

This sounds like Respawn as a company wants to make a sequel, but is looking for the right idea and the right time to do it.

As Jim Carrey famously said, “so you’re saying there’s a chance?!”

Source: AppTrigger